ToXin, ToxIn Everywhere

hye...i'm come back again with new post about toxin..before this i already post about what is toxin, reducing toxin product at home and now i want to share with you all about HaRmFull ToXiN...toxin,toxin everywhere....

Every day we are bombarded with pollution and harmful toxins, many of which did not exist 50 to 100 years ago. There are 400 chemical pollutants that we come in contact with that were not even invented when our grandparents were alive. One of the most effectve ways at dealing with these toxins is with plenty of antioxidant rich foods and daily Infrared Sauna sweating. The following are just a few examles of the toxins that are floating around our air and that can enter through our skin or lungs on a daily basis. It becomes easy to understand why we need a bit more help these days surviving in this world of ever increasing pollutants.

for your information here, we can divide harmfull toxin to two part that is indoor air pollution and outdoor air pollution.

InDooR AiR PolluTioN.
Indoor air pollution can affect you at home, work, or even places you visit. It is a common source of respiratory diseases, including asthma, allergies, and lung cancer. It can be worse in winter, when windows are shut tight and less fresh air can circulate.
eg: cigarretes smoke, woodstoves camfires and gas ranges, building material,sick building syndrome and building related asthma, bacteris,mold,viruses and other biological contaminants, household product and radon.

Some harmful cigarette ingredients

Look at some substances found in cigarettes and analyze if you really want to put one in your mouth.

  • Acetone – found in nail polish removal
  • Arsenic – used in rat poison
  • Butane – lighter fuel ingredient
  • Cadmium – used in batteries
  • Forms of cyanide – deadly poisonous substances
  • DDT – a banned insecticide
  • Formaldehyde – used to preserve dead beings
  • Lead – poisonous metal
  • Methanol – rocket fuel component
  • Naphthalene – used in mothballs
  • Methyl isocynate – dangerous substance which can kill. 2000 people died in India when this substance leaked out by accident.
  • Polonium – a highly radioactive element
  • Toluene – strong cleaning solvent

This is only a sample of what cigarettes contain. If you go through the whole list, you will find many more harmful substances.

Toxins released when cigarette ingredients burn

Here are some toxins which are inhaled by a person who smokes a cigarette

Carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas which can affect the oxygen carrying ability of the blood
Tar – this sticky substance gets deposited in the lungs and over a long time may damage them

The thing with cigarette smoke is that it not only affects the smoker, but also people in their surroundings who inhale the smoke indirectly. The consequences of passive smoking are quite harmful too.

Outdoor Air POluttion
Polluted air comes from many sources. There are the usual suspects: factories, cars, buses, trucks, and power plants. But there are sources you may not think of, such as dry cleaners, wildfires, and dust. Dirty air is a threat to your health, and it also damages crops, trees, water, and animals.

resources: simple healthy solutions.