Let’s get knowledge about threshold effect

Did everyone know about threshold effect?or never heard about it? ...Don’t worry friends... In this section i will give information about threshold effect...Hope all of you will enjoy reading this article below..=)

Threshold effect that we will learn together are relating to the environmental and human health

What is a threshold effect ?

Threshold effect is a level below which no effect occurs and above which effects begin to occur.

Did you know about dose?

Dose can be defined as amount of toxic material that enters in our body.

How threshold dose of a chemical can be related to our health effect?

If a threshold dose of a chemical exists, then a concentration of that chemical in the environment below the threshold is safe. If there is no threshold dose, then even the smallest amount of the chemical has some negative toxic effect. For example, taking aspirin is therapeutic and not dangerous up to a contain dose, but above that dose it can cause nausea, brain damage, bleeding, and, eventually, death. Sulfuric acid is not dangerous when only small amounts of it get on a person's skin, but if the amount gets too high, it burns. Thresholds for toxicity exist because, up to a certain point, the body can repair damage and detoxify chemicals to which it is exposed. If the exposures get too high, however, the detoxification and repair mechanisms are overwhelmed and toxicity starts to occur.

Now, do you understand what threshold effect about??To be more understand and exciting about this,let see some ‘picture’...But wait and see it on the next entry..To be continued

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