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As all known, we have shared some information on toxicology databases for consumers which can be used for further readings on toxicology in previous post.

Now, we would like to share a new information on the topic of toxic chemicals which will explain the meaning and the harmness of toxic chemicals.

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Toxic chemicals are chemicals that can produce injury or death when inhaled, ingested, or absorbed through the skin. Damage may result from acute or chronic exposures and involve local tissue or internal organs. The extent of the injury depends on the dose administered, duration of the exposure, physical state, solubility, and interaction with other chemicals. Toxic chemicals include corrosives, systemic poisons, carcinogens, mutagens, and embryotoxins..

The dose is the most important factor that determines if damage will result from exposure to a chemical. Chemicals vary tremendously in their toxicity. An excess of almost any chemical can be harmful and a sufficiently small amount of most chemicals will not cause injury. There is a threshold or no effects level that must be exceeded before toxic effects will be noticeable for most chemicals


The toxicity of chemicals is also related to the duration of the exposure. Exposure to toxic chemicals is divided into two classes; acute toxicity and chronic toxicity.

Toxic effects are based on the site of action and are classified into local and systemic effects.
resource: Environmental health and safety

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