CAR------- is a chemical that can cause cancer.
CI----------is an agent that can cause cancer.
NO---------can be chemicals, viruses, hormone, ionizing radiation, or solid materials.
GEN--------produce cancer by changing the information that cells receive from their DNA, causing immature cell to accumulate in the body rather than differentiate into normal functional cells

hehe...just the describe about...???... CARCINOGEN...=)

There are three types of carcinogens: Physical, Biological and Chemical. Physical types can be caused by ionizing radiations, such as x-rays, ultraviolet radiation from sun light and by mineral fibers, such as those from asbestos. These carcinogens damage the DNA by making holes in the DNA strains or by making clumps of DNA stick together when they should be separated. Chemical carcinogens act by binding form molecules to DNA strains and then causing the genetic code to be misread. Benzopyrene is an example of such a carcinogen and this is found in cigarette smoke. Biological carcinogens may be viral or bacterial. An example of a virus that causes cancer is the human T-cell lymphyocytic virus which is being linked to Lymphoma.


have you hear about the word 'neuro'?...

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words for concepts and topics in relation to the brain and neuroscience, that is about nervous system.

So, neurotoxin is a chemical that affects the nervous system, and can adversely affect intelligence, cause memory deficits, and result in cognitive and behavioral problems and sexual dysfunction, among other problems.


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