Toxicology Problem Set

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This problem set is designed to help you understand basic principles of toxicology. You will learn what a hazard is, where hazards can come from, how they affect humans, and methods to control hazards. You will also learn about careers in the environmental health sciences.

1. Natural and human-made chemicals
2. Hazards and sources
3. Routes of entry
4. How chemicals are processed in the body
5. Dose
6. Measuring dose
7. Dose and response
8. Factors affecting dose
9. Factors affecting individual susceptibility
10. Hazard control
11. Fields in the environmental health sciences

Instructions: Each topic page has a multiple choice question designed to help you learn the concepts. If you click on the correct answer, you will see the word "correct" along with reinforcing information. If you click on an incorrect answer, you will be given a tutorial page. You can also go directly to the tutorial page by clicking on the tutorial button. Enjoy yourself - it doesn't matter if you select the right or wrong answer - the point is to learn!

Chemicals & Human Health


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