Creating a Safer and Healthier World Without Toxic

Do you know what will happen in the future when the toxicology can not be contained? While advancement of the vision is being accomplished in significant areas, as a Society we must position ourselves to face the challenge of Increasing the Impact and Future Vitality of Toxicology.

So, we must have the strategic plan to reduce this problem. The strategic plan presents a roadmap for meeting this challenge by setting priorities that:

  • Increase Scientific Impact
  • Advocate the Value of Toxicology
  • Build for the Future of Toxicology
  • Expand and Deepen Member Engagement
  • Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

The strategic plan details how each of these priorities will be executed through a series of outcome-oriented objectives that will be supported by embracing best practices of professional Society oversight, engaging Society leadership at all levels, and by increasing the involvement of members at all career stages to ensure the future relevance and global impact of toxicology. So, let’s think about it.

source by : *ieda*