Hye….adawiah come back with new information. I hope you all enjoy with entry in this blog…for this tyme I will share to you…about…about what ya…about DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIP

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emm…maybe now you are thinking what it’s DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIP…I will tell you about the definition about DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIP..

"DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIP describes the change in effect on an organism caused by differing levels of doses to a stressor after a certain exposure time. This may apply to or to populations. For your information DOSE-RESPONSE RELATIONSHIP known as exposure-response relationship".

Studying dose response, and developing dose response models, is central to determining "safe" and "hazardous" levels and dosages for drugs, potential pollutants, and other substances to which humans or other organisms are exposed. These conclusions are often the basis for public policy

Did you know what is DOSE-RESPONSE MODEL??


It should be realised that dose-response relationships will generally depend on the exposure time. The quantifying the response after a different exposure time leads to a different relationship and possibly different conclusions on the effects of the stressor under consideration. This limitation is caused by the descriptive nature of the approach.

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